What does AntiZAN do?
AntiZAN is a performance measurement software that allows you to understand how much your staff is active in their working hours and the transactions they do during the time they use the computer, or my personal business, and measures the working and computer usage performance of the personnel.
What does AntiZAN do?
The purpose of AntiZAN is to measure performance. Since watching screen or chat contents is not a performance measurement method, AntiZAN does not take these contents into account. 1 – Does not monitor screen. 2 – It does not keep / save the contents of correspondence such as chat or mail. 3 – It does not keep and report password or username information in any way. 3 – Does not monitor network traffic or internet traffic.
Can I add custom plugins and reports to my company?
Yes, we can develop our AntiZAN application specific to your company with the additions and arrangements you request in line with your company's needs.
Will AztiZAN slow down my site?
No, our AntiZAN client software does not slow down your system. When necessary, you can change the timings of operations such as sending data and capturing transactions and adapt them according to your systems.
What Happens When There Is No Internet?
When the user's internet connection is disconnected, the system keeps the transactions done by encrypting it on its own and starts sending the data to your server at regular intervals as soon as the internet connection is provided. In this way, there is no data loss whatsoever.
Is There Terminal Server Support?
Yes, our AntiZAN application supports terminal server usage and no data loss.
We use VPN in our company?
Our AntiZAN client software still works in case of VPN connection or normal internet. Connection information is added for VPN support during setup.
How will my personnel who leave the company send data?
Our client software was developed with in-house or outsourced staff in mind. The system continues to send the data via predefined connection addresses by understanding whether it is inside the company or outside the company.
Do I Need to Install Individual Computers?
No, you don't need to install one by one. Our system works with remote deployment/deploy method. It can also be installed via Active Directory.