Provides you to measure your employee productivity, whether at the office or home.

AntiZAN Performance Measurement Software offers measuring employee productivity during working on a computer, both at the office and at home. The artificial intelligence included in the software analyzes the work of your employees and therefore, allows you easily monitor your employees whether they spend their time for work or personal activities by tagging the operations as Work and Personal. AntiZAN, is a unique software developed exclusively for the needs of the companies.

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Track Your Staff,

Take a look at the application they use and the sites they visit in real time!

While computer tracking software can monitor all activities carried out by personnel on the computer, personnel monitoring software should not only be limited to the computer but should also be able to monitor the work carried out by the personnel outside the computer. AntiZAN, on the other hand, has the feature of tracking not only computer usage, but also the work that employees do outside of the computer by adding feedback to the system.

Do not restrict your employees!

Allow them to become a part of your company through productivity-improving practices.

Traditional bosses consider social media as a great danger to business productivity. Many companies across the world restrict the use of social media at offices. However, recent research indicated that this concern about business productivity is totally unfounded. Besides, the use of restrictive measurements causes a lack of employee commitment in the workplace.

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You can measure your company's end-to-end performance. AntiZAN

Key features of AntiZAN Software

Meeting Tracking

You can follow the online meetings of your staff. You can track the time and duration of the conversations they have made on Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoome and other applications, and you can see these times in the reports by including the performance data of the personnel.

Conformity mode with PDPL (Personal Data Protection Law)

AntiZAN allows you to select the data to be monitored or authorized personnel to display the collected data according to the PDPL. Therefore, AntiZAN offers you great flexibility regarding the PDPL.

Staff Activity Report

Staff Activity Report provides information about the amount of time an employee spends on using a computer and related percentages. This report includes information and duration of Computer Usage Rate, Time spent away from a computer, Duration of the Work, Duration of the Personal Transaction, and Seat Value.

Active Directory

You can import data through Active Directory.

Analysis of Business and Private Transactions

The system analyzes whether the transactions are Business or Private and prepares Business, Custom efficiency reports for you. In this way, you will see your productive staff.

Software Deployment

You can install the client software on new computers with Software Deployment support.

Performance Measurement system

It allows you to measure the performance of your staff.

Advanced Shift Selection

You can define multiple shifts for your company and assign different shifts to your employees at once. You can use the flexible working model for employees working from home.

Overtime Efficiency

You can easily see how effectively your employees use their working hours.

Defining Employee Leaves

You can define different kinds of leaves on the system such as annual leave and public holidays. Such leaves that defined on the system are excluded in the activity durations to ensure the accuracy of the reports.

Computer Efficiency

You can see how effectively your employees use their computers.

Terminal Server Support

With AntiZAN, you can also monitor employees using terminal servers.

What are the Steps of the Process?


A presentation is provided to our customers about the properties of the software.

Preparation of the Host Computer

The customer makes ready the server for the installation of the software.


The server software packages are installed by our developers and become online. Then the client software is installed.


The definitions for Employees, Departments, Work Hours, and Words are made.

Start Using!

Installation and definitions are completed. You are ready to enjoy the software!


As Aydos, a Software Development and Robot Technologies company, we develop performance measurement systems.

You can measure end to end performance of your business. Our systems provide performance measurement charts by collecting and analyzing information from your computers, production lines, vehicle locations, traffic count for meeting rooms, and other devices. Thus, we provide all needs of your business and make developments regarding the performance measurement.

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